Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Top Ten (Children's) Books I Loved But Never Reviewed

Here are some children's books I never had an opportunity to mention. Quite a few of them are strange, but then so am I. Go to The Broke and the Bookish for more posts on this subject.


Although I don't condone cruelty to slugs, I find this book hysterical. Told in rhyme, it begins: "Swallow a Slug/By its tail or its snout/Feel it slide down/Feel it climb out." The illustrations by Victoria Chess just add to the fun.


I own--and love--a pug, but bull terriers would be my next choice. Like pugs, they are such clowns. Pia Lindenbaum captures a child's love for her pet. The child narrator firmly believes her pet is the smartest, most energetic watchdog that ever lived. The humorous illustrations suggest the opposite.


I can't imagine a kid not enjoying this irreverent look at how food passes through the digestive system. It's a hoot and yet completely factual (well, the text is). As an added bonus, it's written in both English and Spanish.


Another picture book about a dog. Theodore is Mr. Balbini's dog and, one day, out of the blue, he starts to speak. Things are never quite the same, and Mr. Balbini finds himself yearning for his old, quiet life. The resolution is surprising and yet deeply satisfying.


Molly Bang, an award-winning picture book illustrator, uses the story of "Little Red Riding Hood" to show the power of line, shape, and color to influence our emotions. Fascinating.

The next five are middle-grade chapter books by Eva Ibbotson, who died last year at age 85. How I missed this outstanding children's book author, I'll never know. I've been devouring her books ever since.


A wizard holds a contest to find a wife.


A family of ghosts protect an orphan from greedy relatives after his money.


A young ghost and a boy band together to provide sanctuary for homeless ghosts everywhere.


Dwellers from a magical island travel to London to find their kidnapped prince and restore him to the throne.


A boy and girl help protect a magical island and its creatures from the dangers of the outside world.

So that's my list. What books have slipped through your reviewer's fingers?

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  1. Those are some interesting sounding books, especially #2, 4, and 5. The only ones I've heard of and read are the Eva Ibottson ones, who is one of my favorite authors.