Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Too Many Frogs

Got frogs? Nana Quimby does; she has way too many of them. Her troubles start when her basement floods. A plumber soon fixes the leak, but as Nana Quimby bakes a cake, she hears a thump at the cellar door. She opens it and ten frogs hop in. A girl advises her to put them in a goldfish bowl. She does; but then twenty new amphibians appear, then thirty, then forty, and on and on. Each time a neighborhood child offers helpful advice which Nana heeds. But when a million frogs hop into her kitchen, the children have left and Nana Quimby is on her own. How she solves her dilemma makes a satisfying conclusion that comes full circle.

Whimsical illustrations in soothing tones of pastel offset the busyness of the frog frenzy that spill across the pages. The picture book's structured setup and repetitious phrases will help beginning readers decode the text. All in all, a zany, fun read that is sure to give children a case of the giggles.

Too Many Frogs
by Ann and John Hassett
Houghton Mifflin, 32 pages
Published: July 2011

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