Thursday, September 22, 2011

International Peace Day

Yesterday, September 21st, was International Peace Day, and the elementary school down the block from where I live commemorated the occasion by installing the giant dove you see above. (To me, it looks like a goose, but I'm pretty sure it's meant to be a dove.)

Now it's September 22nd, but that shouldn't mean striving for peace is put on a shelf until next year. Here are some books to share with young readers to keep the flame alive.

Children learn how to say the word peace in different languages.

Can You Say Peace?
by Karen Katz
Henry Holt, 32 pages
Published: 2006

Remember the classic ballad, "Let There Be Peace on Earth"? Caldecott winner David Diaz illustrates the lyrics as only he can. Audio CD of 12 peace-centric songs included.

Let There Be Peace on Earth
and Let It Begin with Me
by Jill Jackson and Sy Miller
illustrations by David Diaz
Tricycle Press, 32 pages
Published; 2009

What does the word peace really mean? Children from around the world share their own unique answers.

What Does Peace Feel Like
by Vladimir Radunsky
Atheneum Books, 24 pages
Published: 2004


  1. Lovely choices.
    I can think of many world leaders we should ship copies to.

  2. Thank you for the titles. I've seen Can You Say Peace?, but not the others.