Thursday, February 17, 2011

Look What Came in the Mail!

My nephew Jack is seven years old and in first grade. His class is taking part in The Flat Stanley Project. The students are reading Flat Stanley, a book by Jeff Brown about a boy flattened like a pancake when a bulletin board falls on top of him. He goes on to have some amazing adventures in his 2-D state, including being flown like a kite and being put in an envelope and mailed to his friends, before he's inflated and reverts to his old self.

Jack and his classmates each made a flat version of themselves and mailed the little mini-mes to friends and relatives. I was honored to be Jack's chosen host, and received Flat Jack in yesterday's mail. A letter from the teacher instructs me to treat the flat as if Jack were really visiting me. "You are encouraged to take the flat places, take pictures with it and write to the child about the adventures you share..."  Jack also included his own letter, and I quote it verbatim:

Dear Ant Cathy,

Thank you for ugrieing to take care of me. Let me watch a-lot of TV and eat lots of frute snacks.


So welcome Flat Jack to The Cath in the Hat, where I'll be blogging about our adventures.

Flat Jack


  1. Isn't that just the cutest thing ever! And I love the letter. How does it feel to be an Ant?

  2. Flat Stanley and the sequels are favorites at my library. This is a great idea for a project kids will enjoy, and their families.

  3. I thought we wised up and did away with inventive spelling. Becaws wots cute now bcoms bad speling fourever - of course by the time Jack is old enough to care we'll all just b txting and spelling will be obsolete, like cursive writing. My God, I am a grumpy old lady!

  4. They still teach invented spelling. Besides, we all spelled like that when we were six and seven years old; they just didn't call it that. I'm impressed by your nephew's imagination and creativity!