Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Dodsworth in Tokyo

In this latest installment, Dodsworth and the duck continue their adventures in Tokyo, where Dodsworth  cautions the impetuous duck to be on his best behavior since "Japan is a land of customs and manners and order." The very qualities duck most certainly isn't. But for the most part duck does manage to contain himself, to the surprise of his friend. Together they take in the sights of Yoyogi Park, eat sushi, visit the Imperial Palace, stroll through the East Gardens--where duck falls in and must be rescued (even though he's a duck he never learned to swim)--and tour the Museum of Imperial Collections.

It's only when the pair travel to a temple that things start to fall apart. A festival is underway and duck disappears into the crowd. Soon he's flipping and jumping and sliding all over the place, crashing into people and knocking things over. Has duck lost it for good? No, there's a reason for his crazy antics and a very satisfying one.

Tim Egan has written and illustrated another winning easy reader featuring this odd pair of mismatched travelers. And according to a recent interview, which you can read here, their next stop is Athens. The Parthenon had better watch out!

Dodsworth in Tokyo
by Tim Egan
Houghton Mifflin, 48 pages
Published: April 2013

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  1. I do like the Dodsworth series and Athens should be fun. I'm glad he finally got out of Europe (besides NYC). Maybe after Athens he'll check out another continent!