Friday, February 17, 2012

Gallimaufry Friday

What a week it's been! Valentine's Day, the Westminster dog show, and the Cybils awards crammed into seven days (and all overlapping on the 14th). Here's my take on the week that was.

Release the hounds! The Westminster started on Monday with the hound breed and ended the following night with Best in Show. The winner? Malachy the Pekingese from the Toy Group took top honors. I watched the annual event with my faithful pug by my side, who was unimpressed with the competition. He's secure in the knowledge he won my heart long ago.

The Cybils announced the winners of their Best in Show. As I mentioned in a previous post, among the expected favorites, there were a few welcome surprises.

Scholastic's Parent & Child listed their picks for the 100 Greatest Books for Kids. Except for the first ten books (with Charlotte's Web leading the way), the rest of the list seemed arbitrary. Good books all, but I doubt many will stand the test of time. According to the editor, the list is supposed to stir up controversy. All it provoked in me was "eh". What do you think?

Pinterest is a hot new media site, one worth checking out. The New York Times had an interesting article about the free Web pinboard that allows you to scrapbook photos you come across while trolling sites. Here's my board on books. Don't you just love the reading tub?

This week I received a letter from a third-grader. I posted the following on my Twitter account: "A nine-year-old fan wrote me a letter saying he liked my books and requesting my autograph. How sweet!" All three of my sisters responded.

NC sister: "That's really cool"
NYC sister: "That's great!"
CT sister: "Cougar"

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