Monday, April 18, 2011

Who Scoops Elephant Poo?

Never did, never wanted to, although I did shovel mounds of horse manure when I worked at a stable as a teenager. (It's hard work, let me tell you. And smelly!)

With its catchy title, this book  from Raintree's Wild Work series about unusual jobs is bound to attract a beginning reader's attention. And, happily, it delivers. Young animal lovers are sure to want to learn about all the different people who work in zoos. Zookeeper and veterinarian are the jobs that first spring to mind, but there are many others, such as curator, animal handler, zoo educator, entomologist, and aquarist.

The text is aimed at students in first and second grade, but reluctant readers in grades three and four will be drawn to the subject material as well. The photos include many great animal shots, such as a close-up of a porcupine being fed, a pelican getting an injection, and my favorite, a lioness about to undergo an MRI scan.

Additional titles in the series include Who Cleans Dinosaur Bones?: Working in a Museum, Who Walks the Tightrope?: Working in a Circus, and Who Rolls Through Fire?: Working on a Movie Set.

Who Scoops Animal Poo?: Working at a Zoo
by Margie Markarian
Raintree, 32 pages
Published: 2011

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  1. It's always fun to look back on the jobs that we've had in the past. Something can be learned from every job, right? Sounds like this will be a popular series. And yes, you've found me. Boston it is! :)

  2. Smart move...the title and a picture of an elephant's behind. They knew what they were doing when they came up with that winning combination! Looks likes a good non-fiction series for early readers!