Thursday, March 3, 2011

Take Flat Jack to Work Day

On Monday Uncle Karl took Flat Jack to work with him so that FJ could see what office life is all about. Here is Uncle Karl's report--with pictures. Thanks Uncle Karl!

Flat Jack went to work with me. The people there were all very nice to him, and took him to lunch when he got hungry. Flat Jack also got to attend a meeting where they talked about some things that he didn't understand. There were lots of conversations and phone calls, and Flat Jack spent most of the day watching me typing on the computer and sending email messages to people all over the world. But by the end of the day Flat Jack was ready to go home. Being an adult and having to go to work isn't nearly as fun as going to school and playing with his friends. 

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  1. Flat Jack in the damn Aeron chair.... oh my god... (He couldn't hold back the shudder.)