Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Princess Posey and the First Grade Parade

Posey is starting first grade in a few days. Her biggest fear is marching into school all by herself. (Parents must say their goodbyes in Kiss and Go Lane.) If only Posey could wear her pink tutu to class. Whenever she puts it on, she feels as if she can do anything. Will Posey get to wear her tutu to school?

Of course she will. Posey meets her first-grade teacher by chance at a grocery store and confides in her. Miss Lee understands perfectly and invites the entire first grade class to dress in their favorite clothes for the first day of school. The class then parades down the hallway to the classroom, with Posey, dressed in her pink tutu and new sparkly pink veil, leading the way.

Princess Posey and the First Day Parade, the first in a new series written by Stephanie Greene and illustrated by Stephanie Roth Sisson, is broken down into ten very short chapters, making it a good choice for children just graduating from early readers. With its focus on princesses and pink tutus, it is very definitely a girl's book. But that's not to say that Posey isn't without spunk. When two neighborhood boys tease her about her fears, telling her about the snakes who suck the blood out of first-graders, Posey retaliates by jabbing one of the boys with a stick. Good for you, Posey! Just make sure you don't get any blood on your pretty tutu.  

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