Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A Boy and His Fly

What is more beautiful than the relationship between a boy and his pet, especially when the pet is a common, or not-so-common, housefly? Written and illustrated by Tedd Arnold, Hi! Fly Guy is the first in a series of early readers about the friendship between Buzz, a boy, and Fly Guy, his pet fly. A Theodore Seuss Geisel Honor Book, the story relates how Buzz and Fly Guy come to meet: "A fly went flying. He was looking for something to eat--something tasty, something slimy. A boy went walking. He was looking for something to catch--something smart, something for The Amazing Pet Show." At first Fly Guy doesn't qualify for the show because the judges insist he is a pest, not a pet. Fly Guy prevails, performing amazing aerial tricks, and, most amazing of all, saying his owner's name: "Buzz."

The cartoony illustrations are hilarious and sure to appeal--to little boys in particular. The one of Fly Guy having just consumed most of a hot dog is priceless.

There are currently nine books in the series. Keep 'em coming, Fly Guy!


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